The long-awaited SILK is born


Sankaseiren org. has succeeded to give birth to SHIDORI. SHIDORI is a long-sought after dream of the silk craftsmen that has been realized by technological advancement.
It will turn a new page in the Japanese silk industry by creating new opportunities beyond the conventional silk market.
We will promote the value and technique of SHIDORI to the world and at the same time safeguard the traditional silk culture of Japan.
So the “heart” and “skill” (degumming and dyeing) of the silk craftsmen can be passed on to the next generations, and a new Japanese Silk Industry can be fostered to shine out to the world.
SHIDORI will be positioned as a unique and perfect kind of silk in the world. Our technical team will make it a platform from which we can provide the latest and best silk from Japan.

Nobuyuki Yamauchi
Sankaseiren org.

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