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Privacy Policy

Sankaseren Inc. is a technology development company which promotes the technique we call SHIDORI to the world. It is strongly committed to three goals. First, to safeguard the local silk culture. Second, to preserve “the skill” of the silk culture, which includes degumming or dyeing techniques – this is “the heart”, of the industry based on passion and sincerity of our predecessors. Third, to develop a new and vibrant silk industry in Japan.

We may have to gather private information from our clients during our events and therefore it is our responsibility to protect this personal information. We will abide by the terms of the following Privacy Policy to ensure better information protection.

1. The acquisition, utilization and provision of personal information
(1) When collecting personal information, we have to specify the purpose of use and explain to the clients through direct indication, notification or public announcement. Appropriate measures should be implemented to ensure information that can only be used under the specified purpose.
(2) When transferring personal information to a third party or entrusting the handling of information to a third party, related information should be handled lawfully under the specified purpose agreed by the clients.

2. The implementation of safety measures
In order to manage personal information securely, safety measures such as information security policies should be implemented to avoid any unauthorized access, disclosure, loss or destruction of the private information. Any fault or loophole in the security should be rectified immediately.

3. The proper response to complaints
When a client requests a disclosure, correction, or deletion of his/her own information, or termination of use and access, the identity of the client should be verified and a timely response should be given by the corresponding staff.

4. Compliance with laws, regulations and guidelines
In order to provide adequate protection of personal information, we should comply with the laws, regulations and guidance set down by the relevant authorities.

Date of Enactment: November 1st , 2012
Sankaseiren Inc.
CEO: Nobuyuki Yamauchi

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